Diabetic Education

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Laurel Endocrine & Thyroid Specialist, PA provides comprehensive diabetes education within our office. Effective teaching is crucial to treatment and maintenance of blood glucose levels. Our highly-trained educators instruct patients on many aspects of living with diabetes, including types of diets, how to use a blood glucose meter, and insulin pump use. We understand the lifestyle change that accompanies diabetes and it is our goal to help our patients live comfortably with this condition.

What are Diabetes Educators?
Diabetes educators are highly skilled professionals who are trained in helping people with diabetes to better manage their disease. They can also work to achieve behavior change which can, in turn, lead to better clinical outcomes and improved health status. Diabetes educators apply in-depth knowledge, skills and experience to provide self-management education and training. Both of our diabetes educators have earned the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) credential.

What does this mean to me?
At Laurel Endocrine and Thyroid Specialists you will have diabetes educators who will personalize all education to your specific needs. Whether it is comprehensive training for diabetes management or specific problem areas our educators will work with you to promote improved diabetes control and better health.

In our practice, you may be seen by the diabetes educator for:

Comprehensive Education for Diabetes and Pregnancy
Insulin Pump Introduction
Insulin Pump Management
Carbohydrate counting
Conversion to basal-bolus insulins
GLP-1 injection teaching (Victoza, Byetta, Bydureon, Tanzeum, Trulicity)

Concentrated insulin teaching
Inhaled insulin teaching
Placement and reading of blood glucose monitoring sensors
Glucagon emergency kit training for severe hypoglycemia

Sick day managment
Dietary teaching for: Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes and additional specific dietary counseling to patients needs 

Solu-cortef teaching