Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes? 

The term gestational diabetes means diabetes during pregnancy. Diabetes is a condition where the body is not able to use glucose or sugar normally. There is a pregnancy hormone causing your diabetes. You did not do anything wrong. For most women, blood glucose level return to normal following delivery. We do recommend that you have at least one follow up visit after delivery to evaluate risk for diabetes. 

What to expect at your first visit? 

On your visit to our office you will be welcomed by our receptionist. You will be asked to fill out New Patient Forms which will help us gain some information about your condition and daily routine. Please arrive fifteen to thirty minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to complete your paperwork. If you are already using a blood glucose meter to check your blood sugars, please bring it with you to your appointment. In addition to your blood glucose meter, it is also important to bring your picture ID, insurance card, and appropriate copay to each office visit. 

The initial visit for each new patient with Gestational Diabetes will consist of consultation with a member of our medical staff, an educational class, and obtaining laboratory results. Please allow up to three hours for this initial visit. There is no need to come to this appointment fasting. 

The providers and staff will ask many questions during your visit. Please be honest with your answers as this will help to determine the appropriate treatment for you and your baby. Your provider will also outline what expectations you should have from us and what we expect from you during your time with us. During the educational class, you will learn about a healthy diet, exercise, how to monitor your blood glucose levels, and treatment of Gestational Diabetes.