Ultrasound is a method of imaging that is commonly done to evaluate the thyroid. Sound waves are used to create accurate images of the thyroid and surrounding neck structures. It is painless and without radiation. 

The ultrasound is the most accurate way to show the thyroid shape, size, position, and any abnormalities, such as nodules or cysts. The ultrasound can also show characteristics of a thyroid nodule to help determine if it has a low or higher chance of becoming cancerous. 

What to expect the day of the ultrasound: 

You will lie down with your neck extended. The doctor will use a transducer with a lubricating gel to view the thyroid. The test takes about ten to twenty minutes. No preparation is needed, although you will need to remove jewelry from your neck before the test. Please wear a v-neck or button down shirt to your appointment. 

Thyroid Ultrasound